Our Vision


Music, performance and art as an offering to the World Wide Cult of Love.


 This time it’s the WORLD WIDE CULT OF LOVE (WWCL). WWCL acknowledges that capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy, and gender binaries are arms of the colonial cult of death. Through distraction, dividing us into hierarchies and exploitation they attempt to deny the power of our divinity. Our love, unity, and dynamic visions for a new world create a power beyond measure. The 143rd Dimension is an offering to the World Wide Cult of Love because every act we take to love ourselves, love one another, to redistribute wealth and resources and especially for Black and Brown people, to bring our creative visions to life is a revolutionary act.


Enter the Portal. We are the hands that cut the cord. ✨✨ we are imagining and embodying the futures we exist in. Now more than ever is a time to channel and transcend pain, to celebrate our music, art, existence, livelihood. We are descendants and transformers of infinity. Our inheritance is freedom, our inheritance is joy, our inheritance is rage, our inheritance is love. Shine the light on the Multivrs within. BLACK BROWN INDIGENOUS TRANS QUEER POWER NOW!

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The Festivals

143rd Dimension: 2022

Multivrs: The Digital Void, 2020

The Universe is Lit: 2017