The Multivrs Is Illuminated started as a four day music and art festival centering Queer Black and Brown artists across diasporas. The festival is always 100% free with free food and a dedication to accessibility. The goal of the event is to provide an uplifting and healing space where people can revel in music and joy. The inaugural event featured 29 bands, 10 DJs, four short films, three performance artists, and an improv workshop led by members of Sun Ra Arkestra. We were completely funded and supported through our community. Each was free, food was always present and every performer was compensated. 2020 brought the Multivrs to the digital realm. 2022 The Multivrs returns irl to SF,CA with events streaming worldwide.

Our expenses are around $10,000 , we are fundraising $6200 which will pay artists. Every event is free, open to the public with an emphasis on accessibility and with delicious food so we can break bread together. Fundraising ensures the longevity of the festival. Our goal is to take this show on the road in 2023!

All donations are tax deductible. We have tax exempt 501c3 status under The Multivrs Is Illuminated. EIN 85-1326093